5 Things I am Grateful For This Spring

5 Things I am Grateful For This Spring

Spring is officially upon us! I usually welcome spring with a certain level of disdain because I live for cold winter days.  However, after much deliberation, I have decided to embrace spring and enjoy all the amazing things that come with this season. I decided to write this post on all the things I am grateful for this spring.  I have decided that I am going to be thankful & focus less on the negatives Spring. So here is a list of all the best things about Spring:

My Birthday

I am a spring baby, which you think would make me appreciate the season even more. My birthday is on the 9th of May and I am looking forward to warm celebrations. 

iro and buba - spring outfit 3

Flowers in Bloom

Flowers instantly lifts my mood and I love walking outside to see beautiful flowers. My street is paved with gorgeous Cherry Blossoms and when the petals fall, they make beautify heaps of pink petals.

iro and buba - spring outfit 3

Colourful Wardrobe 

Although I don’t wear a lot of colour, Spring means I can finally experiment with more colour and push myself to try new things. It is also acceptable for me to wear my bright yellow Charlotte Olympia Pumps (Which I have been dying to wear all year because they are so comfy). 

Longer Days 

This is possibly my favourite thing about spring. Don’t you just love that it is not dark and dreary when you’re leaving work/ school? I also love that my photo taking schedule is more flexible because the sun goes down later so photos don’t have to be limited to just weekends. It also means great lighting for selfies throughout the day. haha 

Sitting Outside  

Okay this one might be a push. But when it’s warmer, I love being able to sit outside my favourite cafe, sipping on an Almond Cappuccino. I also adore those warmer evenings. It’s a little slice of Spring bliss.

Are you looking forward to Spring? I’d love to know what your favourite things about the coming season are, too – if you want to comment down below! Or, you could tweet/Instagram me @adaorasoludo

I hope you’re having a wonderful day

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  • I agree with all your points! I love the longer days, the spring blossom, sitting outside and putting away my winter clothes and I was also born in the Spring!
    I love your patterned dress – happy birthday month!
    Julia x