Adaora’s Picks: March Favourites

Adaora’s Picks: March Favourites

1. Green Indoor Plants: I have a new found love for green plants in the bedroom, they bring life and vibrancy to any space.

2. Read – Born A Crime by Trevour Noah: This is an incredible autobiography by The Daily Show’s Trevour Noah. Noah recounts his experience growing up in South Africa under apartheid. The heroine of the book is Noah’s mother, a strong &  independent woman with a solid rock faith, which reminded me of my grandmother. No other book has had me laughing and crying so much. 

3. Easy Food: Nothing stresses me out more than the preparation that comes with cooking. I like my cooking time to be as short as possible but I also like fresh & homemade food. Which is why Gousto is an absolute favourite for quick & easy to cook meals. Use my code ‘FRESH12’ to get £22 off your first box. 

4. Roksanda: Roksanda is my favourite designer at the moment, I adore the simple silhouette of her pieces with an added extravagance. I particularly love this Sibella bow-detailed crepe midi dress from Net-a-Porter

5. Music – Coconut Oil By Lizzo: This EP has been out for a little while now but a recent discovery for me. The album is being called her ode to body positivity, self-love and the trials of getting to the point where you believe you deserve it. This is such an incredible and affirming message and I am here for it. My favourite songs from the EP are Scuse Me, Good as Hell & Coconut Oil. 

6. Listen – The Read by Kid Fury & Crissle: This is still my favourite Podcast by far even after so many years. I have never been one to enjoy podcasts but when one of my favourite YouTubers (Kid Fury) stopped making videos, I started listening to his podcast & every episode has me rolling on the floor with laughter. I also love how unapologetically honest Crissle is. 

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