Is Africa Ready for Vogue Africa?

Is Africa Ready for Vogue Africa?

Does Africa even need a Vogue issue?

For a while now, I have wondered if and when any African countries would get their own Vogue edition. I had the opportunity to pitch the idea of a Vogue Africa to the President of Condé Nast International and it was a very interesting conversation. I have read and collected different issues of Vogue since I was 13 and I feel like it is time for a more diverse Vogue Issue. Africa is rich with culture and the fashion industry around the continent is booming so when are we getting our own Vogue issue?

Vogue is an incredibly sought after magazine, and despite expanding throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, Vogue is yet to launch a magazine in Africa. In recent years demand for a high end magazine like Vogue has been rising.The different editions of Vogue have occasionally done editions that glorify Africa and black culture. Most famously, Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani released the best selling “all black” issue of Vogue Italia in 2009. The issue of “black” L’Uomo Vogue also proved to be successful. However, black people do not need tokenism, we need real representation and it is perhaps time for the amazing talents in Africa to be recognised.


Vogue Magazine

The time to launch a Vogue edition in Africa is apt and creating an African version will help promote Africa in a more positive light as well as promote a more diverse standard of beauty (not that Africa needs Vogue to feel beautiful). There are many other African magazines that display high fashion in Africa and promote Africa positively. However, many of the magazines aren’t as high end or progressive, and no other international titles speak directly to an African readership. Vogue Africa will be a magazine created for the African woman, the articles and editorials should be carefully selected to really represent the rich African culture. But it would also be a magazine for women that want the best of African Fashion & Western Fashion.

“I read my first Vogue in 1979 and have been buying it regularly ever since. I always felt that African creativity was not represented.”

– Mario Epanya

I decided to create a proposal for a Vogue Africa Edition with several front page mockups and content ideas. I presented my proposal to Nicholas Coleridge, President of Condé Nast International and I was delighted when he said that was something that Condé Nast would be interested in.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the prospect of a Vogue Africa? Do you think we even need Vogue?

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