The pursuit of beauty is no ordinary thing. It has, is and will always be pursued till perfection, with religious zeal and vigor

Article by: Jose Gonzalez 

We long ago gave up on defining beauty. What is the most beautiful thing in the world? Perhaps, it is the new born child who has just come into the world, causing much pain in the process, but is instantly the most precious thing in his/her mother’s eyes. Or, it is simply a drop of water about to fall from the tip of a leaf, a seemingly inconsequential event, which a photographer has waited for a long time to capture. Or, perhaps it is the comfort which you find in the embrace of a loved one. Are these too philosophical for you? Perhaps, the healthy glow of skin is more to your liking. The perfect chiseled looks and the matching attire is what you really crave; for you think – and we agree – that beauty should find an expression.

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