Top TV Shows 2016

Lifestyle June 5, 2016 0 Comments

This time of the year is usually quiet in TV, with shows returning for summer and currently running ones etching closer to season finales and hiatus, it is a fun time for a TV show addict like myself. At my worst, I was keeping up with over 30 TV shows but I have since tried to reduce my list to a few shows…

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Fashion Cities Africa Exhibition

Culture Style May 15, 2016 0 Comments

Brighton is one of those place that has been on my list to visit for some time now but I never had the chance, till now. Brighton Museum is hosting the first major UK exhibition dedicated to contemporary African fashion. Fashion Cities Africa is a truly unique experience and the exhibition explores fashion and style in four cities at the compass points…

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Vegan Breakfast Ideas: Chia + Oats Recipe

Food May 13, 2016 0 Comments

I am the type of person that usually skips breakfast because I’m never in the mood to eat and then I find myself buying something unhealthy when I’m out and about when I get hungry. However, part of my resolution this year has been to find easy, quick and filling  breakfasts that will keep me going till lunch time and…

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Beyoncé Lemonade: Is it worth the hype?

Music April 25, 2016 0 Comments

This weekend was supposed to be about getting things done and being productive however, like most people, this weekend was dominated by one thing and one thing only; lemonade. Beyoncé has once again released a surprise album and I woke up on Sunday morning and listened/ watched it on a loop. As I spent my entire weekend waiting for the album/ listening to it, I thought I might as well write a blog post about it because as I listened to it, there were so many emotions and thoughts that I had about the album. So where to start, first of all the album was amazing, it was beautiful and I was so amazed by every song and I’m not just saying that because I am a huge Beyoncé fan. To be honest, up until her album 4, I never really understood the hype around Beyoncé,  I was never really a fan and I never really understood her as an artist but I think she has evolved into this incredible artist that makes incredible empowering music. So onto the album at hand, Lemonade, I am not going to go into a lengthy review. I am just going to list some things that I discovered and noticed whilst listening to the album.

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Best Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

Food April 7, 2016 1 Comments

I have found the ultimate banana bread recipe, it is low fat, extremely moist and best of all Vegan. I decided to play around with some of my recipes and challenge myself to create a Vegan cake that actually tastes good. I first tried it with a Carrot cake and it turned out so well that when I put it to a taste test, none of my tasters (the kids in the house) knew the difference between the vegan version and the non-vegan version. So it only felt right to try it once again with one of my favourite recipes, Banana bread. And it turned out amazing! So enough talking, I will share my banana bread recipe, let me know how it turns out for you.

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