Gazelle London: Sharing the Colours of Africa with the World

Gazelle London: Sharing the Colours of Africa with the World

I was recently introduced to Gazelle London, an African-inspired stationary brand. Gazelle London’s first collection is a range of beautiful African-Inspired Thoughts-Keepers. The Thoughts-Keepers are 100% Cotton Ankara fabrics traditional to West Africa and they are as beautiful as they are unique.

Adaora Soludo Gazelle London journal

I was offered one of their thought keepers and I chose Wanderlust. ‘For those with a curious heart, a yearning for memories, and feet which just won’t keep still!’. Wanderlust is for the traveler, with scrapbook for you to stick and record you favorite memories, and quotes to keep you inspired on your travels. I love the colours of the Wanderlust (so much it now doubles an accessory – here), but my favourite thing about it are the inspiring quotes on some of the pages.


“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries”

Gazelle London: My Story

Each Thoughts-Keeper has a unique function, some of which are below:

  • Inspirer: is for those who are focused on goals, and achieving dreams.
  • Discloser: is for the writer. The one who constantly needs a pen a paper nearby to jot down ideas and inspiration.

Gazelle London: Gratitude

Gazelle London also donates 1.5% of their profits to CAMFED, a charity which invests in the education of vulnerable, young girls across sub-Saharan Africa. With a goal to inspire, motivate, uplift and enable everyone to live their best life, Gazelle London does not only make beautiful stationary but they are a brand with a purpose. Buy it for yourself or for a loved one, they make fantastic gifts and you know that you are making a difference.

Each diary retails for £14. Visit the website for more:


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