How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Fall’s upon us, and it’s a perfect moment to go through your wardrobe, throw out the items that have no place there, and throw in a few hip pieces and welcome the season ahead in top vogue. This fall, fashion-forward ladies will be introducing a few tweaks to their attire, but some oldies such as cardigans, long sleeve dresses, and jackets will stay as trendy as ever. If you want to look smart and feel like the queen of the runway in the season to come, here are a few changes you should make in your wardrobe as soon as possible.

Cardigan fashion


Few clothing items can beat the appeal – or comfort – of the classic cardigan. This fall, chic girls will wear their cardigans atop printed shift dresses at work and other formal occasions, but the comfy piece will also look awesome paired with jeans and a tee for more casual venues. It would also be a smart idea to enrich your closet with a few light summer cardigans: the versatile piece will go well with almost every outfit combination.

Floral dress for fall

Floral Prints

If you thought florals are gone for good, you were utterly mistaken. In the season ahead, elegant ladies will fall in love with the floral print all over again, so you’d better brace yourself for lots of flower motifs on dresses, pants, T-shirts, kameezes, and shawls. For a chic look, pair a light floral dress and a gauzy sweater with a pair of leather sandals.

Long-Sleeve Dress fall style

Long-Sleeve Dress

Few clothing pieces speak the high fashion lingo louder than the long-sleeve dress, and elegant ladies know it. For a top-notch office look this fall, match a long-sleeve maxi dress and a pair of heels, or take your long-sleeve resort wear out for a beach-style walk around the block. If you’re into laid-back outfit combos, throw together a simplistic design long-sleeve maxi and loose-knit cardigan, and round off the outfit with a pair of platforms and wide belt to define your waist.

Off-the-Shoulder Top fall style

Off-the-Shoulder Top

A minimalist off-the-shoulder top will add a dose of girly freshness to your fall outfit, but be sure to wear it with either distressed or plain jeans to stay on the stylish side. For a busy day in town, throw together dark denim shorts and white, beige, or light blue off-the-shoulder top, and jump into cargo skinnies for a share of evening fun.

Safari Shirt fall style

Safari Shirt

Girls who know high style like the back of their hands but aren’t afraid to bend a fashion rule if the occasion arises need at least one safari shirt for their outfit experiments this fall. Easy to pair and extremely powerful statement-wise, a simple safari shirt will look amazing combined with a skirt or smocked twill pant, heels, and a leather handbag, and it will look equally smart matched with shorts and ankle boots. If you don’t want to take any risks, pair your safari shirt with other safari pieces, classic jeans, distressed denim, or harem pants.

Short-Waist Jacket fall style

Short-Waist Jacket

For a precious dose of hip fashion, top off your fall outfit combo with a statement jacket such as a blazer, trench coat, leather jacket, or military-style cargo jacket. A carefully selected jacket can make a huge impact on a woman’s look, so if you don’t have at least a couple of fashion-forward coats in your wardrobe, you’d better put that trend slip right as soon as possible.

Boots for Walking fall style

Boots for Walking

A girl’s fall outfit isn’t complete without a cool pair of boots to go with a clever outfit combo. For peak durability and chic stylistic experiments, get a pair of Dr. Marten’s boots and some leather heels and match them up with your favorite clothing combinations. As a rule, both rugged boots and chunky heels will look great paired with jeans or a minimalist shirt, but you can improvise all you like with different fashion combinations and come up with your personal style expression.

Ready to welcome fall in your classiest guise? Follow the tips above and you’ll be the queen of the fashion show everywhere you go this season.

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