Off Days: Casual Style Tips

Off Days: Casual Style Tips
1Jeans: Crippen
2Hoodie: MM6
3Top: Topshop
4Shoes: ASOS

Some days I am in the mood to go full glam but other days, all I want to do is throw on a hoodie and be comfortable, but comfort does not have to mean sacrificing your style. Everyone has that favourite hoodie in their wardrobe, making an appearance after a long day or during lazy winter days. Hoodies should not be cast away as something that only makes an appearance when we’re binge watching something on Netflix but it could be something that you can wear any day, any time, no matter if it’s summer, spring or winter outside. I recently embraced wearing a hoodie and dressing down a lot more so I decided to put together some casual style tips to try an elevate an outfit on any lazy day.


“What’s Flamboyant for You is Normal for Me”




1. Accessorise

Accessories are your best friend for elevating a relatively basic outfit, throw on a hat, jewellery or a statement bag and watch it transform your outfit. I decided on a pair of huge sunglasses party to hide my mostly makeup free face.

2. Pick a Trend Item

A key way for looking like you made an effort is pairing your casual look with an on trend item of clothing, whether that means throwing on an it bag or wearing frayed hem jeans like I have down here. Adding a trendy item takes an outfit from everyday basic to effortless chic.

3. Say Yes to Flats…Or Not

I love wearing heels, so even with a casual outfit, I like to add a pair of statement heels. However, don’t feel like you have to wear heels, you can still look chic in a pair of boots or nice ballet flats.

4. Its all in the Tee

My favourite item of clothing to invest in is a good T-Shirt. Tees are relatively inexpensive pieces that are incredibly easy to style. They can be worn with jeans and a  blazer, or a pencil skirt paired with a band tee as so many people did during LFW 16.





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