Prom Dress shopping: Tips to make sure you stand out

Prom Dress shopping: Tips to make sure you stand out

Going through tiring efforts to find the perfect prom dress and end up having someone wear it on the prom night can be any girl’s nightmare. A lot of times, girls end up having same dresses on their prom night and then feel bad for the rest of the event. However, there are ways to avoid this so here are some tips to ensure you stand out from the rest.

Buy from Solo Stores

A lot of stores offer one-of-a-kind selection on dresses. They only create one dress in that specific design so that the dress you buy is unique and individual. For example, you can enjoy shopping with Prom Dress Shop in Chicago and be assured that the dress you buy will be like no other. Stores that offer vintage and one-of-a-kind collection are also preferred as they have collections that you will not find anywhere else.

Start Tinkering

Another way you can make sure you do not have a dress like anyone else is by tinkering. You can buy a basic dress, and then add more embellishments on it on your own. You can also buy a long maxi gown and have it cut short. Tinkering can give your dress a whole new look. You can also add laces and fabrics to transform the look of your dress overall. Even by simple alteration of waist or sleeves, you can create a lot of difference.

Stay Clear of New Trends

While you might be inspired to try out the new and recent trends, you should keep in mind that others are inspired too. However, you can find red-carpet inspirations and incorporate them into a dress of your choice. By following red carpet inspirations instead of new trends, you can make sure you end up with a dress that has no match.

Accessorize It

Another great way to individualize your prom dress is through accessories. Have you bought a beautiful white gown that you think others might also have? Add a wide floral belt at your waist to create a new look altogether. You can also use shrugs, boleros, and net jackets to transform your dress from one look to the other. By accessorizing, you can change the entire look of the dress.

Check Out the Dress Registry

Dress registries are becoming common nowadays. When the prom date arrives near, girls start filling out the dress registry with their choices and wish-lists. This helps them to see which girl has bought which dress so that they can avoid making the same purchase. If you have bought the dress first, you can also add your dress to the list so that others don’t buy it.

At the end of the day, you should also keep in mind that wearing two similar outfits is not the end of the world. If by some accident, you still end up with the same dress, you should flaunt it, own it, and not think about it too much. The key thing to remember is to have fun all night long.

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