Supporting a New Generation of African Social Entrepreneurs

Supporting a New Generation of African Social Entrepreneurs

The Textile and Manufacturing industry has an enormous potential and is expected to thrive in Africa in the coming decade. The fashion industry is directly related to the Textile and Manufacturing industry, which creates opportunity for Africa to have a larger presence as a global contributor to the fashion industry. Supporting and training African designers to build sustainable, social and environmentally – minded business models will enable them to display their resources and talents; attracting more business and increasing the continent’s economy, which is crucial for its prosperity.


In a previous post I did on ethical & sustainable fashion, I mentioned the importance of sustainable and ethical fashion and how we as consumers as well as designers should aim to make more conscientious choices with regards to the clothes we wear or make. This is why I find it so important to support the African Social Enterprise Fund (ASEF). 

African Social Enterprise Fund 1

The ASEF aims to support entrepreneurs in creative industries with high growth potential in Africa, to become socially minded entrepreneurs. The ASEF’s flagship Sustainable Fashion Programme aims to support an outstanding African designer to grow a sustainable fashion business. On December 3rd 2016 Prospero World in partnership with Arts Global and Roger Hammond Memorial Trust Fund (RHMTF) launched the African Social Enterprise Fund at Sotheby’s, London. Prospero World is now accepting applications for the ASEF Sustainable Fashion Award.

The Award winner will benefit from the International Leadership programme in Italy, short course on sustainable fashion at UAL: University of the Arts London, internship driven by social and environmental concerns, financial support for product development, coaching and mentorship. So if you would like to become a winner of the Award and receive financial support and training to develop a sustainable African Fashion enterprise, apply now.

Click to download Application form –> ASEF Application Form

The deadline to apply is 10th of February 2017!

For further information please contact Agata Sivokhin:

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