What to Wear: 6 Key Trends For Autumn/Winter 2016

What to Wear: 6 Key Trends For Autumn/Winter 2016

Fall is always a beloved season for people who love fashion. The weather is just enough to dance away from summer dresses and be creative with the sometimes tricky art of layering.’ Similarly, it is also a big deal for designers who are always gearing up to offer new trends for the switching of the season. Autumn/Winter 2016 trends may be polar opposites in themes, though they are still bound by the collective loudness and energy that demands them to be watched. Below are some of the top-line fashion trends of the season.

#1 Classy overstatements

autumn/ winter 16

From L-R: Duro Olowu, Lanvin, Givenchy

Autumn is a season of colors and what better way to celebrate it than to wear splashes of color and bold, eye-catching details? Duro Olowu takes that sartorial road with pieces that are inspired by gems like jade, lapis, and onyx; mashing the bright colors with prints and unconventional textures. The same also goes for the accessory department with Burberry and Lanvin’s embellished guitar strapped handbags. Studs, stripes, and beading has definitely given these arm candies the rockstar treatment this season.

#2 Layers and Tiers

autumn/ winter trends 16

From L-R: Burberry, Maki Oh, Victoria Beckham

Maki Oh and Victoria Beckham takes layering to a whole new level with their dramatic layers that gives a tasteful take to dimensions. Maki Oh’s collection takes a more playful turn with its flares and tiers in hues of lilacs, emeralds, and pastels while Victoria Beckham stays true to her monochromatic palettes with a casual, everyday spin.

#3 Unconventional Patterns

autumn/ winter trends 2016

From L-R: MaXhosa, Max Mara, Salvatore Ferragamo

MaXhosa by Laduma gives a beautiful twist to autumn/winter layering with its traditional beadwork motifs and patterns that celebrate designer’s culture. A true standout is the fashion label’s unisex shawl which was showcased in the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection in Milan, Italy. Talking about unconventional though, Max Mara and Salvatore Ferragamo dip their toes on the linear trend by pairing stripes with bold colors, unconventional proportions, and interesting textures. Horizontal lines with vertical stripes in one outfit? Yes, please.

#4 Edgy Minimalism

autumn 16

From L-R: Lemaire, Stella McCartney

Even the most classic silhouettes still scream bold and trendy with the impactful minimalism that Lemaire and Stella McCartney showed in the runway. Both designers went for everyday luxe made powerful by interesting patters, fabrics, and cuts. We’re talking about oversized sleeves, overstated necklines, the works.

#5 Blast to the Past

autumn trends 16

From L-R: Moschino, Lanvin, Chanel

2015 has all been about the 90s but Autumn/Winter’s 2016 trends are taking a step back to celebrate the 80s. Moschino and Lanvin brings back the fishnet tights, ruching and satin in pieces that can elevate anyone’s everyday look to music video-esque potential. Chanel also joins the bandwagon, though the brand pursues more of a high brow theme with pieces that will remind you of grandma’s glory days. Tweed, pearls, and plaits were promoted to the next level by mixing them with exotic colors, prints, and interesting fabric combinations.

#6 Softcore Goth

autumn winter 16

From L-R: Dior, Alexander Wang, Rodarte

Dior and Alexander Wang separate themselves from the flock of colors and patterns with their clean cut tailored pieces accented with hardware-embellished pieces and shiny zips. The two powerhouses mix casual with rockstar, giving fashion lovers another good reason to sport their favorite black head-to-toe outfits.

Mixing and match ing seems to be the overarching theme for Autumn/Winter 2016 trends. The play of contrasts and wide spectrum of concepts will definitely give anyone—casual dresser or head turner—something to chew on for the season.

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